Our mission as student leaders at University of California, Irvine is to provide cadets the necessary skills and leadership training to become officers in the United States Army, Army Reserve or Army National Guard, to develop the future officer leadership of the U.S. Army, and to motivate young people to become better citizens.

Summer Training and Opportunities

Cadets have Summer Training Opportunities to go on fully covered trips (room, board, and food) by the U.S. Army in order to train in real Army environments with real Army units. These training opportunities are not only domestic but also located all over the world. More »

Color Guard and Honor Services

Need a Color Guard or Honor Guard ceremony? Honor the National Anthem and the American and State Flag by having UCI Cadets render honors in full military dress uniform. We conduct ceremonies for all types of events, from Greek life functions, sporting events, to honoring a guest speaker. More »

Scholarships Available

Whether you’re a college-bound high school student or already attending a college or university, Army ROTC has scholarships available. Scholarships are awarded based on a student’s merit and grades, not financial need. More »

Visit the UCI Army ROTC Offices

517 Bison Ave Natural Sciences I Irvine, CA 92697 Offices #3122-3129, 3rd Floor.
  • Assistant Recruiting Operations Officer: 1LT Royce Stanfill Email: rstanfil@uci.edu
  • Assistant Professor of Military Science: CPT Justin Nichol Email: jtnichol@uci.edu
  • Military Science Instructor: SSG Jamie Mrazek Email: mrazekj@uci.edu
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